It’s not about yoga, although we practice yoga.
It’s not about meditation, even though we meditate.
It may look like it’s about us, but it’s all about you.
Pure and simple.

The goal is to lead a good life.
To walk a better path.
To live happy, healthy and holy.
Pure and simple.

It’s about human excellence.
To be the best you can be.
To let your light shine Pure and simple.

It’s falling in love with spirit & self.
Finding the essence in yourself.
And about seeing the divine in everyone.
Pure and simple.

It’s about practical tools on how to live.
Being more heart led.
And having less heart ache.
Pure and simple.

It’s about being less self-focused,
more connected,
creating common unity.
Pure and simple.

It’s about seeing and acknowledging
how divinely beautiful life is.
Pure and simple.

You can make a difference.
Don’t wait
…. Millions of people are waiting.

As Ramadasa Australia we serve the greater consciousness. We aim to elevate consciousness and awaken students to their deep connectedness.

By offering the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and other mindfulness practises we support each other and students alike to live to our full potential in our daily lives.

We provide a sacred space for conscious community to grow together, moving from self centred individual focus to awareness of the group or collective consciousness.

We live by the principles of;

  • respect for each other and the planet
  • honouring the greater good
  • listening deeply without judgement and seeing the best in everyone
  • acknowledging the rhythms of nature and of the universe.


Bringing our individual values to the group, knowing that the value of the group is greater than the combined individual values..

Love in service