Could I Actually Join Teacher Training?

I still remember the sense of excitement when my private student expressed this question with the realisation that ‘yes’ that could actually be possible!

As a Professional Trainer and Administrator, I have the pleasure to work very closely with participants who join our teacher training course as I get to meet them from their first initial contact right through to their completion of the training. The journey doesn’t end here as Kundalini Yoga offers invaluable continued training options and opportunities to connect to a worldwide community.

When my student shared so innocently I was reminded of the blocks and boundaries we so often put in our way. We wonder if we are fit and strong enough, know enough, have attended enough classes, are we too old and so it continues.

“Loneliness is the saddest thing on the Earth. Group consciousness takes away the loneliness.  I am not alone; I have many brothers and sisters. And this is a unique power.” - Yogi Bhajan

One of the things that bring so much meaning into my life is being part of the transformational journey we embark on as we do the teacher training. And what fascinates me every time is to see how much the participants are capable of. The power and potential when we get together and practice in a group carries them. Group consciousness allows each participant to feel elevated and to receive the practice in its totality just by being in this energy.

So what does that bring us back to? Our training is different to what we perceive a yoga teacher training to be. Essentially it is a journey back to you - true self-acceptance and love. It is a training to ignite the connection to the teacher within you and nourish the relationship to your innate wisdom, knowledge and capacity to face life with an open and strong heart so you can experience meaning, joy and vitality.

Most participants join our teacher training to support themselves in raising their consciousness, initiating their personal growth and to heal. And at the end of the training, the majority will find themselves wanting to share the teachings simply by the inspiration to offer what helped them so much to others.

Feeling alone and longing to belong is a very common experience for people. Our pain and sadness sit deep. One of the most common sharing, when one begins to practice Kundalini Yoga, is that it feels to them like coming home. Coming home to yourself. What greater gift is there...

So yes, please allow yourself in any circumstance the freedom and opportunity to follow your heart and inner guidance. Allow the calling. Listen. Your life can unfold in the most incredible invaluable ways. Sat Nam.