Saturn: The Great Test of Our Strength, Character & Inner Authority

Saturn, the planet known to be the keeper of time, bringer of karma, and the archetypal energy of tyrannical Father; has just moved into Capricorn, his home sign.

From December 20th, 2017 to March 21st, 2020, Saturn will be occupying his castle and again during his six months retrograde from July 2nd to December 20th, 2020. It’s wise to know how to work with Saturn’s energy as this is all he wants from you, to be doing the Saturnine work. What does that mean exactly? Well, read on.

During this three year passage, Saturn will exert his influence of bringing things to full maturity and ripeness. If you have been doing the work, the hard work, the inner work, the introspective work of aligning with your integrity, truth and living by your deepest core values; then Saturn will bring you the rewards of your endurance and self-disciple.

However, if you have not been doing the work, not living with integrity, and without honour, then Saturn will present his darker side and bring the karmic effects of past actions. The ringed planet will demand you pay attention to where you need to start doing the work, to realign with reality and bring mastery to your life.

Capricorn, being an earth sign, means that it’s time for a reality check and to bring things into balance and perspective. When Saturn sees misalignment or dishonesty, that is when we can expect to endure a moral crisis. Saturn will show you where you have deviated and bring you into a realignment. Saturn demands a firming of boundaries and will test your credibility, strength and morality.

How can you know which areas of life Saturn will be checking for you? The best way is to know which areas of your natal chart he will be transiting. You can get your natal chart free on astrodienst ( and enter your birth details to pull up your natal chart.

The natal chart is divided into 12 different houses, each one representing a different arena of your life. Each house is also governed by one of the twelve zodiac signs. Find which house you have Capricorn in, and you will then know which arena of life Saturn is transiting and therefore where to start doing the work.

In this example chart, you can see the twelve houses divided in the inner circle (where the numbers 1 through 12 are located) and the symbol for the zodiac signs located in the outermost circle. The planets at the time of birth are located in the middle circle. The symbol for Capricorn is located exactly at 12 o’clock in this example chart. So if this were your natal chart, Saturn would be transiting your 10th house. This arena is where you should focus on holding integrity, authority, truth, honour and to be prepared for some growth.

Natal Chart

Now with your birth chart in hand, and knowledge of your placement for Capricorn, let's take a look at what the different houses represent and how Saturn affects us individually.


Transiting Saturn in the:

1st House: Represents your total sum of self. You will be tested in many areas to see if you are in alignment with integrity, truth and if you are ready to step up, grow-up and be tested to restructure yourself to take things to a new level. Particularly around your physical body, the face you are presenting to the world and your personality.

2nd House: The house of resources and finance. You may need to manage your money in a more effective manner by restructuring your finances and budget.

3rd House: You are being initiated into leadership through the means of communication, both written and verbal. Consider the way you speak to yourself and others, your inner voice and outer dialogue may need some introspection and refining. Are you talking from compassion, how is the tone of your voice, does your body language support your verbal expression. This house also relates to siblings, so there may be some issues in the immediate family that need addressing.

4th house: This is the house of our roots and the feeling of home. It is our origins, our early childhood life, the family history and traditions. In this house, Saturn will be checking in to see if you have become the adult. Have you matured? Are you ready to step-up and be the Matriarch/Patriarch of the family?

5th House: The house of creativity and children. During this transit, you may find that you have lost the sense of your purpose in life and need to recreate what you are doing to find your authentic expression in the world once again.

6th House: The house of health, daily routine and duty. Saturn will be checking in on your health. Quite often for good health, we need a daily routine that supports us. Such as daily meditation, exercise, eating healthy, daily dose of vitamin D, drinking clean water. Have you been doing the work? Do you need to realign your daily schedule to take better care of your health?

7th House: The house of relationship. Saturn is asking, are you ready to step up in your relationship, to get serious, and commit. If the relationship is strong, Saturn will make it stronger. If the relationship is not serious, then Saturn will test your boundaries, integrity, and morals. Ethical dilemmas are likely to surface. Ask yourself, “Am I doing the right thing?” Be honest in your relationships.

8th House: Sex, death and shared resources. The 8th house is traditionally ruled by Mars and Pluto and therefore has a strong association with our sense of power. With Saturn transiting this house we may have an increase in power and also responsibility, and this can bring the temptation to push for more. Here you need to look at your shadows in regards to a healthy relationship with power and resources.

9th House: The house of broadening our horizons through long distant travel, education, religion and spirituality. Here we may find a moral crisis in our beliefs, or we may need to complete our qualifications to be able to take the next step and mature in our knowledge, teaching and education.

10th House: Our status to the outside world. Here we are being called to take leadership to step up and become the role model. There can be a recognition of hard work. A standing down for others that have not been keeping up.

11th House: The house of goals and groups/tribe/community. Saturn may request for you to become a leader in a group or you may learn of some ethical issues within a group you are affiliated with. Friendships can be tested here too.

12th House: The house of lose, sacrifice and spirituality. Here you may be tested through learning how to accept peoples humanity. You may need to ask yourself the question to make sense of life and what you are being called to do in your spiritual life. You may be called to lead unexpectedly or to sacrifice for a greater cause.

Whichever house Saturn is transiting for you it is wise to start doing the work, hold integrity and step up your game. Saturn is asking you to become stronger, to be ready to be tested and to become the role model. Some of us will feel this transit immediately while others may not be tested until later in the passage. It all depends on what natal planets Saturn touches.

The main dates to be mindful of due to other planets coming into alignment with Saturn are:


April 8th: Mars will conjunct Saturn in Capricorn and square the sun and mercury in Aries. There is the potential for violence, rage and anger both at an individual level as well as at a social level. Remember, Saturn is real time, here and now. Mars rules Aires where the Sun and Mercury are. So be extra mindful and practice being the neutral observer with compassion. Be aware not to lose consciousness and do not respond from impulse during this time.


Saturn will conjunct Pluto and the South Node at the time of the solar eclipse on July 2nd, 2019. This is a time where the influence of Saturn and Pluto will be activated, amplified and more dramatic.

12th Jan 2020

This is the tight conjunct, to the degree, Saturn and Pluto align in Capricorn. This alignment signifies a time of demolition & destruction for reconstruction with the highest alignment of man-made and spiritual laws. What we thought was stable and solid will fail and crumble unless it is aligned. Everyone in a position of authority will be scrutinised.

Aug-Sept 2020

Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunct squares Mars in Aires. Potential protests, motivation, action and even violence around the necessary changes in our authoritative systems. Saturn is the 1st gate to Universal order and seeks to align the man-made laws with the timeless laws

This may all sound heavy and testing, but we must remember Saturn’s work is to align us with moral codes of conduct, consent and self-authority. It is a time when we shift our consciousness from personal to the objective. A time where our experience, wisdom and ethics speak for us. A time where our actions speak louder than words. This is the moment where we must become fully present of the cause and effect of our actions. We must become responsible for what it is we do, both individually and within the structures and pillars of society.

You can leverage this transit by drawing upon the following meditation when you feel the call to step-up and do the work.

Meditation for Maturity and Wisdom

Sit in a cross-legged position and hold the left thumb in the right hand. Make a fist with the right hand. Curl the left fingers over the right fist and hold the mudra at the solar centre, the Manipura chakra. For the next 22 minutes pump your navel point at a moderate pace. The eyes are closed and focused at the third eye point. This meditation was originally taught by Yogi Bhajan and is claimed to increase your self-authority and power. Exactly what we need if we are to become our role models and align with the universal law of one. Ek One Kar, We are one. May we find the strength and maturity to hear our inner authority and connect with the timeless laws that Saturn desperately wants us to align with.

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Vanessa Strauss / Adi Shakti Kaur
A registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, and Evolutionary Astrologer.  Adi Shakti teaches Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops on the Gold Coast, Australia. She also offers private consultations in person and via Skype.  You can get in touch with her by email.