Dear Teachers and Students of Kundalini Yoga.

Many of you are aware that information has come to light in regard to Yogi Bhajan. A book has been published by one of his first students called Premka – White Bird in a Golden Cage. Similar allegations were made a long time ago, by others who were part of the community in the earlier years. Many more people are now speaking out. The allegations include sexual & emotional abuse, forming a cult, and questions around the background & lineage of Kundalini Yoga.

As a community we are reacting and responding in many ways, including feeling hurt, betrayed, angry, sad, many different and painful emotions. We are unable to know what really happened in the past but it is clear that some of the allegations are based in truth. It is for each of us to decide what this means in our own heart in relation to Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga and the teachings.

    When we receive such disturbing allegations we tend to react in one of three ways:
  • We become indifferent. We basically ignore it, as if we haven’t heard it. We stay where we are. It can be a numbing out.
  • We attach to our belief system and our Identity with Kundalini Yoga and everything in it. We don’t want to question it, we want to believe in it, and the fear under the disbelief sometimes makes the belief stronger. In this way we cling to the good, what we want to believe as a way of justifying our life story. We may also reject others who are rejecting the teachings.
  • We reject the Teachings &Yogi Bhajan. When we reject in totality something that has been part of our identity, our life, our belief system, we may also reject parts of our self. Underneath our hurt we may create self judgement and blame.

We may move through these three states at different times or continuously. It is important to sit with our feelings, to feel our hurt, anger, loss, sadness, all of it. To not try and find an answer or a solution. To simply be with our selves’ and allow the process. To allow what is true within to emerge. This process may take some time. There is a grace and gratitude in having this come to the light now. It reflects to us our personal shadow, and the collective and cultural shadows playing out as we move into this new time, beyond patriachy.

As a team, we have decided to postpone our Level One training in Australia this year. We are each in our own personal process. We want to take more time so that we fully honour ourselves and our students before we move forward. We came together over a weekend and did a group process which we would like to share with you. This is a meditation and journaling process. Each step may include sitting in meditation with each question for a week or more, listening, contemplating, meditating. Do this process from your own experience, not from all the stories you have heard.

1. To honour, integrate and learn from the past. What motivated you to start KY? What were you looking for? Review your path since starting Kundalini Yoga, step by step. Allow everything. All the feelings you have around it, the teachings, Yogi Bhajan, our community, and all that you have experienced. What insights reveal themselves to you?
2. To align with the present. Clarify what is most important to you personally now? What has the most meaning/relevancy to guide you now in regard to your personal practice and as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga? What ideals can you let go of to open to what you most care about? What are your core values? Do we as a community have common ground, values, intention, a common purpose?
3. To emerge into the future. Can you identify with what wants to emerge? It may simply be a feeling, a knowing from your heart. Can you trust it and take action? Can we as a community realise and express our meaning and values in this dynamic and changing world?

Can we accept diverse points of view in our worldwide community without judgement and still hold our individual discernment? We are being called into our own sacred sovereignty of self. No one else can reassure you, not a teacher, not a mentor, not a friend. It is time to listen to your own inner heart, to take full responsibility for your choices. Your heart knows what is true for your own integrity. Listen, contemplate, meditate.

It is an inner process. If, within your experience, you feel the universal field of awareness that holds us, within and beyond, you become still, surrender to what is and receive inner guidance. This is the gift. Hold it with great tenderness, not only for ourselves, but for all of humanity. Something beyond our conception will emerge.

With love to all Suraj Khalsa Ramadasa Training Team Australia & NZ

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